Mobile Learning on a Gamification Platform...

Kennesaw State University, recognized as leaders in higher education innovation, is paving the way again. KSU has launched a digital badge initiative that allows individuals and organizations to enhance learning beyond the traditional classroom. The digital badge programs integrate research-validated and field-tested knowledge with gamified mobile learning in a way that both educates and entertains. This is your opportunity to earn the new micro-credential for today's digital world.

"It's time to think differently, learn differently, and be different."

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Kennesaw State University offers digital badges in two distinct categories: Higher Education and Executive Education.

Higher Education Digital Badge Programs are designed for the university ecosystem. They provide professional development opportunities for faculty, and educational enrichment for students. Experience a powerful way of learning that leads to a new digital micro-credential.

Executive Education Digital Badge Programs offer practical knowledge, backed by research, proven in practice, and available 24/7. Just enough knowledge, just in time, delivered on a mobile-learning gamification platform that drives individual and organizational performance.