Innovation Black Belt

Innovation Black Belt Program

Complete 16 hours of Mobile-Learning Content and Attend two 3-day Innovation Application Labs

Participants will complete 16 hours of mobile-learning content and attend two 3-d innovation application labs.

Program Description

An intense six-day program (offered in two 3-day sessions) that includes 16 hours of mobile-learning content. Designed for individuals who want to master the skills needed to lead innovation and growth.

Program Content (Top 10 Topics)

  • Includes all of the topics in the White Belt and Green Belt
  • Learn the final phase of the process—commercializing innovation
  • Bring a “live” innovation project to focus on during the program
  • Diagnose and overcome the systematic and political challenges
  • Navigate the stage gates and map stakeholder priorities
  • Use adaptive leadership to drive innovation and change
  • Translate innovation intent to marketing and manufacturing
  • Identify, build and inspire your Innovation Project Team
  • Analyze and develop the innovation’s business model
  • Finalize the scope for your Black Belt Innovation Project

Program Outcomes

You will master the Discover—Empathize—Ideate—Prototype phases of the innovation process for creating, delivering and capturing value; and develop new skills for leading innovation and profitable growth.

Program Details

  • Price Per Person: $7,895
  • Program Dates and Locations:
      Atlanta, GA
     (Held at the Porsche Experience Center)
     March 6-8, 2018
     Chattanooga, TN
     (Held at the Volkswagen Training Center)
     April 17-19, 2018
  • Class Size: Limited to 40
Program Brochure